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School Song

School Song

Mine, Mine Methodist Girls’ School
The High School for me;
Shine, shine, always deserving our loyalty.

Go, go forward forever,
Grow, grow faltering never
More glorious be.
Mine  Mine Methodist Girls’ School,
The High School for me.

School Hymn


O beautiful our country,

Be thine our nobler care;

Than all the wealth of commerce

Thy harvest waving fair,

Be it thy pride to lift up

The manhood of the poor;

Be thou to the oppressed,

Fair freedoms open door



For thee our Fathers suffered

For thee they toiled and prayed;

Upon thy holy altar

Their precious lives they laid

Thou hast no common birthright

Grand memories on thee shine;

The blood of noble races,

Co-mingled flows in thine.



O beautiful our country

Round thee in love we draw;

Thine be the grace of freedom

The majesty of law,

Be righteousness thy sceptre

Justice thy diadem;

Upon thy shining forehead,

Be peace the crowning gem.


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