Gift Aid

The Gift Aid scheme enables charities to reclaim the basic rate tax from HM Revenue & Customs on donations from UK taxpayers, currently adding 25% more at no extra cost to the donor.
Gift Aid can make a big difference to the value of donations to MGHS OGA UK Branch, for every £1 made in donation / subscription, the association can reclaim 25p from HMRC.
Here are a few examples of how Gift Aid can increase your donations / subscriptions:

  • a £5 donation = £6.25 with Gift Aid
  • a £15 donation = £18.75 with Gift Aid
  • a £25 donation = £31.25 with Gift Aid

There’s no extra cost to you – all you have to do is save the Gift Aid Declaration form below, print and fill it out, then send it to the address at the top of the form. This means that you confirm that you are a UK tax payer and that you are happy for us to reclaim the tax. All donations qualify – large or small, regular or one-off, and whatever the method of payment.